Stowe Area town: Cambridge, Vermont

Cambridge, Vermont is home to three covered bridges: the Gates Farm or Little Bridge, the Poland or Junction Bridge, and the Grist Mill, Scott or Bryant Bridge. As is the case in many rural Vermont and Stowe Area towns, the name of a thing depends on who you ask. Take Vermont Route 108, for example, one might simply call it Route 108, while someone else might call it the Mountain Road, still another might call it The Notch Road.

Some say that Cambridge Vermont is named for Cambridge Massachusetts. “Some may say different.”

This naming of things is one of Vermont’s charms. Another is the enduring rural nature of towns like Cambridge, whose population was 3,186 at the 2000 census.

With the median price of owner-occupied homes in Cambridge being half that of those in Stowe, Cambridge is an exceptional value in Vermont real estate.

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