Blog :: 09-2015

FALL in Love with Your House Again

This fall, FALL in love with your house again! Feeling blah about your home, not looking forward to a long winter staring at the same four walls and tired decor? For $10,000 combined these 3 projects can improve how you feel about your home.

  • PUT ON A NEW FACE. Give your kitchen cabinets new life with paint and more modern fixtures. Want to step it up a notch? Consider new doors and drawer covers from a cabinetmaker or doormaker. Refacing the average size kitchen runs around $6,000.
  • LET THERE BE MORE LIGHT. Dark spaces are a common complaint among homeowenrs. Try tublar skylights for small spaces such as bathrooms and hallways and are far more affordable than full skylights. Four tubes installed will set you back a mere $2,000. Good investment for more natural light.
  • TIDY UP. Invest in built-in organization systems to help declutter key problem areas: master bedroom closet, laundry room and pantry. Expect to spend around $1,000 for these space saving additions. Then consider hiring a professional organizer to help purge and tidy up what you decide to keep ($50-$150 and hour).

Here's To Halloween and the Place We Call Home

Nothing says "Home" like Halloween. Stowe, VT and Coldwell Banker Carlson Real Estate have a long standing tradition of embracing this family fun event. The fun starts with the adorable Stowe Elementary parade through town, lead by the school principal as Mr. Pumpkin head. Carlson Real Estate and other village businesses come out in full support with treats and cheers. Later in the evening the Village is taken over by local children and their families enjoying the generosity of Village residents and businesses.